Wir sind Jancis Robinsons »real discovery«! What a pleasure!

So schreibt her Godness und Master of Wine Jancis Robinson: »By chance I have recently been sent wines from several Austrian producers new to me . The real discovery as far as I am concerned is Herbert Zillinger, whose whites are exceptionally good. His US importer is Rudi Hellvig of The Travelling Sommelier while his wines are imported into the UK by Gerhard Banek, 4 Bucknalls Drive, Bricket Wood, Herts AL2 3XL but he deserves more publicity in both the US and UK. Please won't someone help? Some of his vines are below.«
Nothing more to say besides »Thank you!«


Weintalried Grüner Veltliner Reserve 2013
Stunning combination of extract and freshness. White peaches and flowers but it finishes dry. Far from heavy but very long. And it stayed fresh in the fridge after opening for almost two weeks. Quite a discovery.
Drink 2014-2019 17

Radikal Grüner Veltliner Reserve 2013
Nervy, transparent expression of some stoniness and GV. Quite delicate but fully formed (no fermentation aromas) and really appetising.
Drink 2015-2018 16.5

Radikal Grüner Veltliner 2012
Rich lemon cream nose and lots of tangy fruit and breadth on the palate. Clean yet full of bounce and character. Not remotely heavy yet with good persistence.
Drink 2014-2017 17

Radikal Grüner Veltliner Reserve 2010
This vintage was in a bordeaux bottle (later ones in a burgundy shape). Deep gold. Very rich, fully evolved combination of vegy maturation and relatively low acidity. I think I would have given this wine 17 points last year.  Great stuff!  Super pungent. But the fruit is gently fading now.
Drink 2012-2016 16.5

Vogelsang Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2013
Very pale straw. Richly floral nose but then a bit watery on the (chewy) finish. Bone-dry end but a little vapid overall. Easy aperitif but a suggestion of bitterness.
Drink 2014-2016 16

Vogelsang Grüner Veltliner Reserve 2013
From particularly poor soils and aged on the lees before being bottled unfined and unfiltered after the summer.  Almost tastes off dry it's so big and bold. Very satisfying and impressive.
Drink 2015-2018 16.5

Ebenthaler Grüner Veltliner 2014
Even this very young, relatively simple, wine is superior! It's like a varietal lesson in Grüner Veltliner with fully finished character and even a bit of density. Lovely aperitif. Classic stuff with real length and depth. This is now called Horizont apparently. This producer really needs to be more widely appreciated.
Drink 2015-2018 16.5

In Haiden Traminer 2013
Very light nose. Unexpectedly, I'm not sure I would guess the variety if this were served blind. Rather neutral, competently made but rather dull wine at the moment with acidity and slight astrngency more obvious than the grape. I would normally have wondered if there were low-level TCA but this is screwcapped.
Drink 2016-2018 16

Profund Traminer 2013
Mid to deep gold. Very rich, obviously varietal nose. Rich and opulent with a hint of saltiness. Lovely stuff!
Drink 2014-2018 17

Profund Traminer 2012
Deep gold. Salty, mineral nose in which the primary varietal aromas are somewhat subsumed into a rich dry wine with only just enough acidity but a very opulent, fun drink. This bottling is made from their oldest vines and is aged on the lees for a full year before bottling. An (apparently) just off dry white with real substance but I do rather miss the perfume in this older wine.
Drink 2013-2016 16.5

Profund Traminer 2011
This vintage was bottled in a bordeaux shaped bottle. But still with a screwcap. Paler gold than the 2012. Rose petals on the nose and real life on the palate though with a little bit of age around the edges – just not quite fresh enough. I think I'd choose to drink this wine relatively young for preference. Slightly fast fade on the end.
Drink 2012-2015