Carmen & Herbert

Carmen has been by my side since 2005. She is a fully qualified speech therapist and is passionate about her profession. Yet, we manage the winery as a team; we complement each other. We are complete with our two daughters, Amelie and Rosemarie.


Does Carmen realise, what she's let herself into? To be with one, whose more outside than inside? A man who disappears into the cellar for hours on end, and constantly has his nose in a glass of wine? Yes, I'm sure! Carmen has shared my passion for the winery, the vineyards and of course our wines since 2005. We make all decisions together.


What do people say about me? That I'm a man without compromise. That I create distinctive wines; wines with profile, structure and "USP" - with unique characteristics. That my wines have my handcrafted signature on them; recognised by the soils, on which the grapes ripen. That my wines are never trimmed for big business or to win awards. My wines stand for themselves. If my wines are enjoyed as they are, then I've won.