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To be a winemaker—that's the life for us. With an inward-directed look at our wines and their slow, steady development.

At our craft, bound to nature, which we practice full of passion and in doing so ignore current fashions — without compromises. At the origin of our creations, which we approach ever more closely. Through more agricultural work, towards a natural cycle management, and more holistic thinking. With the aim of giving our wines, and ourselves, “time to mature” Come closer!

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Parker’s Wine Advocate

28th Dec 2018 | The Wine Advocate | 240

Herbert Zillinger is one of the most interesting wine producers in the Weinviertel. He cultivates a rather puristic, terroir-driven style that deserves all your attention. Zillinger is one of the very best Veltliner producers in the Weinviertel, and I can only recommend to check out his vibrant and characterful style. Just do not expect any easy-drinking tutti frutti wines here. These are serious wines made for aging and sophisticated menus.

  • 2017 Ried Vogelsang GV – 93 P (best result in the region, ever)
  • 2017 Ried Weintal GV – 92
  • 2015 Elementar GV – 92
  • 2017 Ried Vogelsang SB – 91 points
  • 2016 Radikal GV – 90+
  • 2016 Profund TR – 90
  • 2017 Horizont GV – 90

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