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To be a winemaker—that's the life for us. With an inward-directed look at our wines and their slow, steady development.

At our craft, bound to nature, which we practice full of passion and in doing so ignore current fashions — without compromises. At the origin of our creations, which we approach ever more closely. Through more agricultural work, towards a natural cycle management, and more holistic thinking. With the aim of giving our wines, and ourselves, “time to mature” Come closer!

New and noteworthy

To ProWein? Jesus!

Yeah - bada boom bada bing, and another year has passed. Don’t be sad! It really is the time to look forward to our new vintage. It's quite simple. The Big Easy, so to say.

How now? = very simple!

For a guaranteed relaxed ProWine tasting at our booth 17/E06, we recommend making an appointment. But we’re also looking forward to spontaneous visits!

ProWein = on the day before = a tasting

More than 70 organic and biodynamic winemakers from Austria, Germany, France, and Italy invite you to a table presentation the day before the fair. respekt-BIODYN, Demeter, Ecovin, and certified vintners from Haut les Vins will meet in a friendly exchange for the common cause. And we're in the middle of it!

Where: Industrie-Club Düsseldorf, Elberfelder Straße 6, 40213 Düsseldorf
When: Saturday, 17 March 2018
Time: 13:30 to 19:00
Registration required at:

Veltliner = single site vineyard = glorious!

That we have dedicated ourselves to the Veltliner, you already know. Our flagship wine is called "Radikal", and our single-site Veltliner vineyards Vogelsang and Weintalried are no less impressive. The one on calcareous sandstone, and the other on deep loess soil. For whoever wants to taste blind at ProWein, which one is which?

Fancy a write-up on our entire ProWein-range? See this flattering article by Mrs. Jancis Robinson herself (click image to enlarge).

2017 = our wine = respekt-BIODYN!

After the year of our debut and conversion as a member of the fabulous respekt-BIODYN winemaking association, we have bottled our first biodynamically certified vintage with the 2017. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our mentor Karl Fritsch who, as a respekt old hand, helped us during this time with his words and deeds. And you? Be excited about the vibrating contents of our freshly filled bottles! Click here for our respekt profile.

And Ida Maria & Iggy Pop can tell you what the whole thing should have to do with God...

We look forward to seeing you in Düsseldorf! Herbert's already leading the way.

With Warmest Regards, Herbert & Carmen Zillinger

Let's go biodyn!


Hello Mrs Ladybird! Hello birthworts, ground squirrels, daisies and field mice!

More biodynamic reasoning ...

Worth a thousand words


Journalists on- and offline rejoice: Hi-res imagery of our gorgeous bottles, lush landscapes and candid portraits.

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