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To be a winemaker - that's the life for us. With an inward-directed look at our wines and their slow, steady development.

At our craft, bound to nature, which we practice full of passion and in doing so ignore current fashions — without compromises. At the origin of our creations, which we approach ever more closely. Through more agricultural work, towards a natural cycle management, and more holistic thinking. With the aim of giving our wines, and ourselves, “time to mature” Come closer!


We are now a member of the respekt-BIODYN biodynamic vintners association. What a pleasure!

It is not easy to be accepted into this great association, with affiliates in Austria, Germany, Hungary and Italy. Apart from the complex biodynamic working methods - which we are still learning - the wines have to be consistent with the strict palates of the respekt board, and there are also other hurdles to overcome. Of course, the chemistry must also be right, because respekt is a community of values.

Together with Dr. Wehrheim (Palatinate) and Hajszan Neumann (the second winery of Viennese winemaker Fritz Wieninger) we have done it! Our first vintage as a member of respekt (2017) will be presented at the Viennese wine fair VieVinum in 2018. Super exciting times!

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If you would like to read the entire press release on the big news, you will find it here.

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