Our Vineyards

We are responsible for 15 hectares of organically cultivated vineyards, and these are located in the Vienna Basin, where loess sediments predominate. The fine sand (silt) particles are formed from silicate; quartz, feldspar, micaceous and clay minerals. Our most significant single-vineyards are the »Weintalried«, »In Haiden«, »Steinberg« and »Vogelsang«.

My most important single-vineyard Grüner Veltliner grows in the very cool and wind exposed »Weintal«. The loess soils are deep, and contain calcareous black earth with a high percentage of humus (see chernozem ). Every season, the old vines produce magnificently ripe and expressive Grüner Veltliner wines, that display a wonderfully cool elegance and mineral character. The cool climate profile of the vineyard give the wines their delicate aromas and complexity.

»In Haiden« is home to Traminer. The soils here are composed of soft loess with a high percentage of limestone. The site delivers highly elegant wines with mineral spice character, with sublime elegance and a superb acidity structure, even in the warmest of years.

As the name might suggest, »Steinberg« is a vineyard with a meagre, stony soil structure. Our small-berried Zweigelt that ripens on this sand and sandstone site makes wines that are tremendously spicy, rich in mineral character and tightly knit.

Our Sauvignon blanc grows in the »Vogelsang« single-vineyard. The soils is calcareous and characterised by light loess topsoil, over sand and sandstone. The wines are highly delicate and display marvellous elegance and zest.